Parent Involvement

Parents, our school staff is honored to work with you and your child to provide every opportunity for a successful school year. We welcome your input at Lebanon Primary  through our Parental Involvement activities, our Volunteer Program, the School Improvement process, and other school activities. Please feel free to contact our school office with your ideas and concerns. We welcome and encourage your attendance at all student events and activities throughout the school year and encourage your positive involvement in all aspects of our schoolwide program.

The school's Parental Involvement Policy is shown in the pdf file at the bottom of this screen.

The Parent-School Compact (see the pdf file at the bottom of this screen) details the responsibilities of the school in providing high quality curriculum and instruction and the responsibilities of the parents in supporting their child's learning.
We would greatly appreciate your support of our school through the following programs that will cost you only a bit of your time:
  • Box Tops for Education (managed by Gail Gladson, our librarian)
  • Coke Rewards...caps or the numbers from the 20-pack cardboard box (managed by Anna Robinson, a Pre-K teacher)
  • Labels for Education (managed by Rhonda Griffith, our tech lab teacher)
The links below, along with other links on our school website such as the "Learning Websites" link (under Quick Links on the left sidebar of this page), will be helpful in supporting your child's learning. Below, you will also find information about Title I as well as other websites that might be of interest to you.
"Special Education" website for Parents 
The Virginia Department of Education, in collaboration with the Helen A. Keller Institute for Human Disabilities at George Mason University, is pleased to announce the launch of this website dedicated to providing comprehensive information on special education issues, practices, and services to families who have children with disabilities in the Commonwealth of Virginia.


  •   This site provides important information for parents and teachers about the Standards of Learning and Testing for Virginia Public Schools.  SOL Testing does not begin until third grade; however, we are including this information in case parents would like to view the material for future reference.  To access the information for the topics listed below, open the site and click on each academic subject listed on the right side of that webpage.

                    You will find the following documents on the above website:

--The Standards of Learning (SOL) that are currently in effect for Virginia Public Schools

--The Standards of Learning Curriculum Framework, which defines the content knowledge, skills, and understandings that are measured by the Standards of Learning tests.

--The Standards of Learning Test Blueprints, which serve as a guide to teachers, parents, and students in that they show Standards of Learning covered by a test, reporting categories of test items, number of test items, and general information about how the test questions are constructed.

--The Latest Released Tests from the previous year, which can be used for review.  (Presently, SOL Testing begins in third grade.)

--The Enhanced Scope and Sequence, which is a resource to help teachers align their classroom instruction with the content found in the Standards of Learning.