School History

The following is a brief history of Lebanon Primary School:
        Until 1957, Lebanon High School (presently Lebanon Middle School) housed Grades 1-12.  Beginning the second semester of 1957, Grades 1-6 were moved into a new separate facility built on the opposite side of the street.  This facility was named Lebanon Elementary.  In 1963, six classrooms, a band room, and a cafeteria were added to better house the elementary grades.  With the additions of the kindergarten grade and special education classes in 1972-73, overcrowding became a problem.  Several mobile units were added.  In 1995 a Pre-K program for four year olds and a Pre-school handicapped class were added. These were housed on the Lebanon Middle School campus.  Additional classroom space was desperately needed at Lebanon Elementary as class sizes continued to increase.  The county decided to purchase and renovate the Pittston Building, and classes began at Lebanon Primary School in the fall of 2005.
        Lebanon Primary School houses Pre-K through First Grade students. The Pre-school handicapped class is also housed in the Lebanon Primary building. The excellent design and appealing décor of the school create an exceptional environment for learning.  The focal point of the school is the library media center.  The administrative suite, classrooms, gymnasium, cafeteria, technology lab, and resources rooms are strategically located around the perimeter of the building.  The cafeteria serves multi-functionally as a stage viewing area and lunchroom.  Based on the grade level, students have classes once or twice a week in the up-to-date technology lab. 
        The Lebanon Primary faculty, staff, and parents believe that the school exists as a learning institution which will prepare students to live more productive lives.  We feel that each student should be motivated and challenged to reach his/her achievement potential. Our belief is that the school should serve the intellectual, social, moral, personal, and physical needs of every child.
        Lebanon Primary School has an active Volunteer Program and encourages positive parental and community involvement. All visitors must sign in at the office when entering the school and a visitor's badge must be worn while in the building.