School Spotlight

The Welcoming Bear greets the children at the school entrance.  ~Artist: Diane Jessee
Four gigantic 'crayons' of different colors placed at intersecting hallways
help students easily find their way around the school.
The Little Caterpillar greets the children in the cafeteria.  ~Artist Diane Jessee 

A favorite activity...PE classes in the colorful gymnasium

At the end of each six-weeks, the names of students who have made Honor Roll
or who have had Perfect Attendance during the six-weeks will be posted
on the bulletin board in Hallway D.


The Reading Corner in the library where the adventures of books unfold.  ~Artist Diane Jessee

The book stack in the library...climbing to adventure, diving into fun  ~Artist Diane Jessee


Books are keys to wisdom’s treasure;
Books are gates to lands of pleasure;
Books are paths that upward lead;
Books are friends. Come, let us read.
Emilie Poulsson

The airplane painting in the library  ~Artist Diane Jessee


The Reading Bear with his load of adventure books  ~Artist Diane Jessee

A Learning Center in a Pre-K classroom...
What child wouldn't love the opportunity to spend time here!   ~Artist Diane Jessee

The giraffes are proud of the children's success.  ~Artist Diane Jessee

A painting of the classic "Charlotte's Web" in one of the classrooms   ~Artist Diane Jessee

A painting of a classic nursery rhyme in one of the classrooms   ~Artist Diane Jessee

Everything is ready and waiting for our most honored residents of Lebanon Primary. 
We know learning will be fun for them in a room like this!

It is easy for students to find their special seat on a shape in this Learning Corner.
What a fun place to learn!

 Learning is fun in the Technology Jungle!