Monday, March 1st marks another benchmark in our year-long battle addressing the pandemic. We are far from clear of this issue but things are much better now compared to even just a few weeks ago.

As we discontinue our Hybrid instructional delivery model, students/parents will have to choose between the 4-day per week model of face-to-face instruction and the 100% remote model of instructional delivery. Moving forward, we must remember that our students are yet to be vaccinated even though they appear to be the most resistant to the virus. We have stories, some too close to home, of students becoming very ill and even perishing due to COVID.

Our expectations on attendance need to be emphasized with an understanding that only our students who exhibit COVID-like symptoms should not be in attendance. Otherwise, our expectation is every 4-day per week student be in school; otherwise, it counts as an absence.

Basically, a 4-day per week student will not be able to use a remote day in lieu of being in-person.


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Lebanon Primary is a fully accredited school serving students in Pre-K through First Grade.

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